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Trips and Visits

Year 12 Geography North Wales Fieldtrip 2017

This was a very successful fieldtrip. As part of the new geography AS/A level, fieldwork is a compulsory element. The students are studying glaciation and diverse places. We needed to stay in area which had glaciers or had a landscape that was shaped by glaciers. Snowdonia had glaciers throughout it as recently as 18,000 years ago. We all stayed at the Field Studies Council Centre, Rhyd-y-creuau just outside of the village of Betws-y-coed on the very edge of the Snowdonia National Park. Although there was a slight delay to our departure, we arrived in time to start our work and we managed not to lose Miss Wealleans. On the first day, we investigated the nearby village of Llanwrst. Students were able to put their fieldwork skills to the test and later that night were able to evaluate what they had done. The second day involved studying the relict glacial scenery in Snowdonia. The students measured the orientation of striations and logged it on Ipads so that the data could then be loaded onto a GIS package. This was a cold day in the mountains, we even had some snow. Luckily, students were able to borrow outdoor gear such as boots and coats from the centre. Although the survival shelters became very useful at lunch as they sheltered the group from the wind. Students were able to see all the different landforms first hand at Cwm Idwal. There were glacial troughs, corries, moraines and even a Roches Moutoneés. The evening was spent writing up our work.


On the final day, we travelled to Llandudno where we continued our study of ‘Diverse Places’. Again, this involved the use of Ipads to log data and feed it into a GIS package.

Throughout the visit the students were complimented, by the centre, on their conduct and their resilience. Many groups who go into the mountains on cold days struggle to maintain their enthusiasm but not the yr12 geography class from King Edward VII. The students worked hard throughout and have given the college and our area a very good reputation. The centre where we stayed has sixth form groups throughout the year. There were three other schools there when we were visiting, and our students shone.

Mr. Frost

This is what the students said about their visit:

“It was really enjoyable; we learned a lot from the experience and seeing past glacial environments helped us broaden our knowledge of the subject” – Megan

“Loved it!” – Will

“I really enjoyed it; it was very educational and I feel we are all closer as a group now” – Shanie

“It made us closer as a class. I had dropped geography, but it made me want to pick it again” – Niyati

“Certainly challenged me physically – it helped me to visualise glacial features better. It was good to see what Betws-y-coed was really like” - Connor

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