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Top Tips for revision

Ensure that your child is spending about 3 hours on their school work each day. This can be broken down into smaller chunks, with plenty of breaks in between.
Encourage your child to sign up for revision classes during the Easter and May half-term holidays (details included with this letter).
Look out for after-school “Making the Grade” revision sessions in various subjects. If your child is asked to attend these sessions, it is because they are at real risk of underachieving; please support the college in insisting that they go along.
Help your child to plan a revision timetable and support them in sticking to it!
Flashcards and knowledge organisers are available in each subject area; ask your child to share these with you and give them revision quizzes to see if they have learnt the key points
Make sure that your child has past exam papers in each subject (these are available from college), and then time their attempts at working through them.

The TOP SIX APPS for revision

as recommended by the Times Educational Supplement  (TES)

Mostly free content and covers GCSE and A level. It works like this: you pick your subject and your exam board, then you take part in quizzes to test your knowledge. Not only do you get instant feedback, you’re also given detailed explanations, so if you go wrong, you can work out why. At the end of a quiz you’re told how many you got right, how long you took and you can review your errors. The app will also track your progress over time so you can identify your best and worst topics.

iMindMap and
Mindmaps on an app! Consider using an app like iMindMap or a web tool like to create and share mind maps with friends. It works the same as it does on paper, but it is more mobile and, arguably, more collaborative.

Quizlet enables you to create your own revision flashcards, as well as to use sets created by others. Teachers can also create sets to share with their students. When you access a set, there are four different modes in which you can use them: cards, learn, match and test.

Memrise is great for learning languages and vocabalbly!  Not only does it test you on vocabulary BUT it has an optional “help me to remember this button”. This allows you to select a “mem” – an image, essentially – that relates to that particular word and should, theoretically, help you remember it. In fact, the whole way Memrise has been structured is based on knowledge of how the brain works. Interesting stuff…...

Get Revising
An app that helps you to organise revision by creating timetables and you can access ‘Get Revising’s Study Planner’ tool!

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