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Sixth Form Admissions 2019

Sixth Form Admissions 2019

King Edward VII College has delegated control over our own sixth form admissions.  However, this is within the broader context of the local authority’s admissions policy and role as the admissions authority.

The minimum entry requirement for sixth form entry at King Edward VII College is 5 GCSE grades at grade 4 or above including English and Maths. In addition there are specific entry requirements for certain subjects which are outlined in our Sixth Form Options booklet and reviewed annually.

Students already on roll will not have to make a formal application but will be required to complete their sixth form Options application and must meet the entry criteria,

A maximum of 30 external places, for students who meet the entry criteria, will be offered into Year 12 in any one year, subject to places being available in chosen courses.  In the event of over subscription the criteria below will be applied as a means of determining the offer of places.

Any applicant refused a place has the right to appeal to an independent body.   The local authority will not be able to present cases to appeal if the school’s entry requirements have not been met or the over-subscription criteria have been correctly applied.

Priority Criteria for Entry Autumn 2019 sixth form admissions.  In all cases the subject entry criteria must be met

  1. Students who are in public care and those students who were previously looked after children
  2. Students already on roll at King Edward VII College
  3. Students who live in the catchment area
  4. Students who have a serious medical condition or exceptional social or domestic needs that make it essential that they attend the school requested (Professional documentation confirming the situation must be submitted with the application).
  5. Students transferring to sixth form who have a younger brother or sister attending the linked KS4 school.
  6. Students living nearest to the school measured in a straight line distance (home to school front gate)



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