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Positive Education Programme

“Worth it” FIRST Positive Education Programme  Worth-It Projects

FIRST is a co-produced positive education programme led by Worth it Projects. The programme was created with and for vulnerable; ‘at risk’ students aged 14 – 17. FIRST is an interactive positive education group programme that uses positive psychology and evidence based coaching techniques to support students to develop positive coping strategies to manage areas such as self-harm, depression, low self-esteem, stress and anxiety and other harmful behaviours and negative thinking.

The use of interactive group sessions enables vulnerable students to meet and interact with those who are having similar experiences. During the programme, we all work together in learning and use positive coping strategies to make sure we all feel ‘Worth-it!’

The positive coping strategies taught on the programme enable the students to manage behaviours and take more responsibility for thinking and behaviour. The students that attend the groups improve their perception of self and others, gain self-awareness, develop the ability to use positive thinking skills, benefit from improved communication skills and more positive relationships.

The programme is delivered over a series of 6 sessions which run regularly in the school. After this, 3 follow up coaching sessions will be delivered to personalize and apply the learning gained from the programme.

King Edward VII is now in the process of delivering our second cohort of FIRST and it is hoped that we are able to deliver a further 2 groups before the end of the academic year. With this, two members of staff are in the process of completing their “FIRST train the trainer programme” meaning that we will be able to continue to deliver these sessions on a regular basis. So far, the FIRST programmes have been a huge success in helping students at King Edward VII to develop positive coping strategies to express their emotions, thoughts and feelings and it is hoped that we will able to enhance any impact with future programmes being delivered. 

“Worth it” Individual coaching sessions

Worth it also work with students in school who may be falling behind due to a range of problems inside and outside of school that are impacting on academic performance and mental well-being. The use of holistic positive psychology coaching allows students to work through problems so that they are better able to concentrate and achieve at school. King Edward has been able to deliver this service to over 40 students so far and we hope to expand this service to ensure we meet the needs of more of our students.

King Edward VII Science and Sport College is an exempt charity and a company limited by guarantee, registered in England with Company Number 8158225 and has a registered office at Warren Hills Road, Coalville, Leicestershire LE67 4UW