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Parents' Evening feedback

During our Parents’ Evenings, we ask parents to complete surveys on theirs and their child’s experience at King Edward. Here are some of the comments we have received during our recent Parents’ Evenings.

Year 13 

We asked parents to comment on their child’s experience of sixth form

  • It’s been great
  • School always dealt with any difficulties we have had without fail and have been understanding with my son
  • Had a very positive time here
  • Just, thank you
  • I have personally thanked some teachers for their enthusiasm and encouragement.  They have made our son’s time in sixth form a great experience and their enthusiasm for their subjects really rubs off.
  • Our daughter has enjoyed it but found A levels hard at times
  • Could more school information come by email?

Parent comments on the format of the report and any improvements we could make

  • It’s helpful to have comments on the report where there’s more than one subject teacher
  • Easy to read and informative
  • Useful and informative
  • Try not to cut and paste comments or computer generated statements

Year 11

Parent comments on the format of the report and any improvements we could make

  • Good colour coding and easy to read
  • Very pleased with the report
  • I found the report very informative with all the details I would expect to be included
  • Absolutely amazed at my daughter’s report and extremely pleased with her hard work.  Thank you to all who support her.
  • I was very pleased with the report and the website links to help exam preparation.
  • Happy with how the report was structured
  • It needs to be less complicated
  • All fine, nothing to change
  • The report was very good and the format was easy to understand
  • Sometimes it can be confusing looking at percentages of coursework marks versus exam results.

Any other comments or matters to raise

  • It was good to be able to see Miss Aylmer (Pastoral and Progress Leader) without an appointment.
  • The examination methods for each subject vary greatly, as a parent, I would like more information on this.
  • Would like more school information to be sent by email.

Six parents have raised issues they would like to talk about individually, although some have not left their name. If you would like to speak to a member of the senior team about the matters raised please telephone or email the college and we will endeavour to answer your query.

Year 10

Parent comments on the format of the report and any improvements we could make

  • I like it - easy to understand
  • Very good. No change needed
  • Very pleased
  • Really pleased with my child’s report, was very informative & very well explained
  • I didn't like the graph at the end.  I though it made the report look negative when in fact it was a great report.
  • Very well written and easy to understand
  • Fine as it is.
  • Complicated! Make grades either numbers or letters
  • Spoken to teacher re progress
  • Absolutely fantastic- explanation of negative and positive marks would be helpful
  • I am pleased and understand the report - have no comments on improving
  • Good personalised comments
  • The report format was excellent
  • Good
  • Finding the format very easy to understand - Great Job

Parent comments from previous Parents' Evenings 

After much discussion we have decided to send our children to another school instead of King Ed. This was a very difficult decision for us all. We were very impressed with your school and staff who were fantastically enthusiastic and real ambassadors of the school. The only reason we are not coming to you is the evening logistics. If we had someone to collect them each day it would have been perfect. If we could move closer we would definitely be coming to King Ed. My husband was won over by your staff and how well behaved and friendly the students that we saw are. I am quite sad about this as I love the school and teachers we met. I had a good feeling about it. I wish you and your staff all the best and thank you for the time afforded us to visit.

Year 9 parent, Ashby

I have you to thank for seeing potential in me when others didn’t and providing opportunities for me that I would never have had the chance to have. I will never forget that. You truly inspired me to reach my goals and soldier on even when times are tough. Thank you for all you did for me at King Ed even though I was a brat at times!


I wanted to thank you for all your help. Before my daughter came to your school her attendance was below 40%. Her attendance is now 100%. She has been encouraged by your school to achieve her best and I think she has. Thank you for all your help. She is now a confident, high achieving student because of the help and support she gets from King Ed.

Parent of Year 11 student, Coalville

My son had just received his GCSE results and has achieved the equivalent of 9 GCSES at grade C and above. As you know, he is dyspraxic… this is more than I dared to dream for him. During the last two years we have seen our son blossom in your school – he loves his lessons and has a good friendship group…. Your school is truly a community in which the young people feel respected and in turn, respect themselves.

Parent Post-16 student, Coalville

Parent Response Sheets from Reports 

I am very pleased with his progress. I feel he has turned a corner and is now working hard to achieve his targets.

Parent Year 11

I am incredibly proud of her and am thrilled with the progress she is making.

Parent Year 13

We are extremely pleased with the progress that she has made and will be more than happy if she achieves or exceeds her target grade in all subjects. Thanks to all who have helped her to achieve this.

Parent Year 11

I am very pleased with her progress and I know that she will continue to work hard and improve.

Parent Year 11

On the whole we are very pleased with her report. However, we were perturbed by the tutor’s comments about attendance as she was only off school for three days on doctor’s advice. She is very rarely off school and has caught up the work.

Parent Year 11

I am thrilled with her continued progress. She enjoys school very much and is looking forward to continuing with A levels.

Parent Year 11

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