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8th May 2015

Dear Students and Parents,

Please find here a copy of our latest Ofsted Inspection Report. We are circulating this to all parents, as requested by Ofsted.

As you can see, the college has improved its grade and is now rated ‘good’ in all categories. We are very pleased that the inspectors noticed so many of our improvements.

Throughout the report there are very positive comments, however, I would like to start with the students. During the inspection their work rate and conduct was exemplary. In fact, they went about things as they usually do! The inspectors told me that they did not see a single episode of poor behaviour in the whole two days. We are proud of the students at our college and are glad that their qualities have been recognised. The relationships between students and staff are excellent. Inspectors said “The behaviour of students is good. Students have positive attitudes to learning, take pride in their appearance and cooperate well with adults. They understand the difference between right and wrong, and behave in a mature polite and courteous manner so that there is harmony in the college.” We would like to thank parents especially for all the support we have had to achieve this. Strong parenting is helping the students to do so well.

Teaching at the college has been praised also. In particular, the teachers’ marking, planning and subject knowledge have been commended. This has impacted on students. Inspectors said “Teachers provide detailed and constructive comments that build students’ confidence and tell students how to improve their work. Students respond positively and follow teachers’ advice.”

There is praise for students’ achievements at the college. We appreciate the observation that “… Students of all abilities and in all groups are now making good progress.” This follows on through the college and into the Sixth Form. The Lead Inspector was clear that “the longer the students are with you, the better they do and the more progress they make.” We know that the achievements in the Sixth Form include and go well beyond the academic results. With two of our bursary students going to Cambridge University next year, we are especially proud.

The overall leadership of the college is providing the support and challenge that is needed to create an atmosphere of continuous improvement. The governors come in for particular praise. They are volunteers and I would like to thank them for their commitment and dedication. 

There is a challenge contained in the report. It is to move to outstanding at the next inspection. As with all Ofsted reports, there is some advice on how to do this. We would like to reassure parents that we will not sit back with this report. Our Sixth Form is close to outstanding and we know what we have to do at Key Stage 4. We look forward to working with all the students and parents to achieve this over the coming years. We thank you for all your wonderful support and look forward to working with you for our students. 

Yours sincerely,

Mr Noel Melvin

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