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Library Charter

The aim of the library is to provide a welcoming environment in which students are given the space, materials, and information skills they need in order to research, study and learn. The library also aims to actively encourage the enjoyment and development of reading for pleasure.

We will do our best to:

  • Make sure the library is a pleasant, comfortable and welcoming place to be
  • Ensure the library is open for you to use throughout and beyond the school day
  • Help you to find the information, books or other resources you need
  • Provide a wide range of material to support your studies in all curriculum areas
  • Keep a wide and varied collection of fiction books including the latest best fiction wherever possible
  • Encourage recreational reading for personal satisfaction and development
  • To the best of our ability, ensure our computers and printing facilities are in good working order
  • Maintain a working environment conducive to study

In return we ask you to:

  • Ask for help if you need it.
  • Be sensible and responsible when using the Library and avoid disturbing other staff and students
  • Use the library for research, study or quiet reading only, or you may be asked to leave
  • Respect the furniture, equipment and library environment
  • Keep your food and drink to areas of the school where eating is allowed (exceptions are made for special events, clubs etc)
  • Have all books and other items issued from the main help desk before leaving the library
  • Return all books and other items on time so others may borrow them. Please respond to any overdue letters you may receive
  • Recommend any books you would like to have in the library or think others would enjoy. We will do our best to satisfy your request.

King Edward VII Science and Sport College is an exempt charity and a company limited by guarantee, registered in England with Company Number 8158225 and has a registered office at Warren Hills Road, Coalville, Leicestershire LE67 4UW