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The governors are responsible for the three core strategic functions:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  2. Holding the Principal to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils; and the performance management of staff.
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the Academy and making sure the money is well spent.

The Governors have responsibility for the overall conduct, ethos and organisation of the College. They are responsible for the oversight and implementation of the College Curriculum which in turn must meet National guidelines. They can and do delegate a range of responsibilities to the Principal. The full Governing board meets once formally per term. In addition to these minimum requirements, the Governors in rotation consider specific aspects of College organisation and report back to the full body. They are involved in four committees which are:

  • Staffing, Personnel & Pay Committee
  • Educational Standards Committee
  • Finance, Audit & Risk Management Committee
  • Health & Safety Sub Committee

These committees meet regularly and similarly report back to the full Governing board. Governors are also nominally attached through their expressed interests, to College faculties in order to maintain close and supportive working relationships.

The current Chair of the Governing board is Mr. Carl Bond and the Vice Chair is Mrs Irene Jones although these posts are annually elected by members of the Governing board.

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Governance Structure King Edward VII Science And Sport College 














College Governors are elected for a four year period. 

They are as follows:

Academy Governing Board & Trustees 2017/2018

Governor (Trustees)
Nominating Body
Date of Election/
Start of Term
 Date of Re-election/
Term End
Mr John Kailofer LA Governor  11/04/18 10/04/22

Mrs Irene Jones (Vice-


Community Governor  05/12/16 04/12/20
Mr Alan Sutton
Community Governor  23/02/15  Left 11/04/18
Mrs Jo Ellis  Community Governor  10/02/16 09/02/20
Mr Carl Bond (Chair) Community Governor  12/10/15 10/10/19
Mrs Sue Ronayne Community Governor  12/10/16
Mrs Laura Evans  Staff Governor  30/10/15 29/10/19
Mr Luke Marvell Staff Governor  13/10/17 12/10/21
Ms Jenny Byrne  Principal  01/01/16 31/12/28
Mrs Karen Barraclough Clerk  n/a na
Ms Bev Smith Community Governor  07/02/18 06/02/22
Academy Members
John Kailofer
Irene Jones
Carl Bond
Jo Ellis
Governors Meeting Attendance 01/09/16 to 31/08/17    
Name Possible inc comm Attended inc comm
J Kailofer 17 16
M Dyer - Left 30/09/2016 1 0
I Jones 13 13
A Sutton 8 0
C Bond 14 12
J Ellis 15 13
L Evans 12 11
L Marvell 11 8
N Melvin left 31/12/15 16 16
J Byrne 10 8
S Lunn - Left 22/09/2016 1 0

Committee Memberships 2017-18

Staffing Personnel & Pay Committee
Educational Standards Committee 
Jenny Byrne
Irene Jones (Chair)
Irene Jones
John Kailofer
Carl Bond (Chair)
Luke Marvell
Jo Ellis
Jenny Byrne
Sue Ronayne
Finance, Audit & Risk Management Committee
Health & Safety - sub committee
John Kailofer (Chair)
Jo Ellis (Chair)
Jo Ellis
Carl Bond
Laura Evans
Jenny Byrne
Child Protection Person - John Kailofer
Special Educational Needs Person - John Kailofer

Appointment process for Governors

Applications to join the Governing Board can be made in the first instance to the Clerk of Governors at the College. The process is then:

  • Parent Governors by Ballot of Parents if there are more candidates than vacancies
  • Staff Governors by Ballot of Staff if there are more candidates than vacancies
  • Community Governors by application to the Governing Board/Trustees
  • One LA Governor may be appointed by the Local Authority

Register of Business Interests

The Academy has received declarations for the Register of Business Interests. The declarations are that the following association(s) with which either governors’ immediate family or the governor are connected or which could be construed as area of pecuniary interest. The list below identifies any companies, charities, industrial and provident societies, co-operative societies, other school governorship, or other bodies corporate that (to their knowledge) are active in the Academy and in which the governor or any person closely connected with the governor have a substantial interest.

Business Interest
Clerk to Governors
King Edward VII Science & Sport College - Employee
Governor at Ibstock Community College
Trustee of IOM3 Members Benevolent Fund
Fellow of Institute of Mining, Minerals and Materials
Member of the Chartered Management Institute
Governor- Vice Chair
Senior Software Engineer at Siemens Mobility - Employee
Declared - none
1st class solutions (English Teacher) - Employee
AQA Exam Board Examiner/moderator 
Chair of Governors
Lead Clinical Technologist at LRI - Employee
Luke  Marvell
Governor Staff
King Edward VII Science & Sports College - Employee
Laura   Evans 
Governor Staff
King Edward VII Science & Sport College - Employee
Jenny  Byrne - Self

Governor - ex offico & 

Accounting Officer

ASCL Member
King Edward VII Science & Sport College - Employee 
Chair Leicestershire Children & Families Board
Byrne - Husband
King Edward VII Science & Sport College - Employee 
Alan  Sutton 

Governor left 


Declared - none
Beverley  Smith


Chair Leicestershire 

School Sports Partnership 

Shelia Lunn

Governor left 


Declared - none
Michael  Dyer

Governor left 


Trustee of Ashby Canal Trust

   Noel                      Melvin                                Principal left left                           Trustee of The Emerald                                                                                        31/12/15                                       Centre


King Edward VII Science and Sport College is an exempt charity and a company limited by guarantee, registered in England with Company Number 8158225 and has a registered office at Warren Hills Road, Coalville, Leicestershire LE67 4UW