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Finding books


Fiction books are arranged on the shelves alphabetically by the surname of the author of the book however, for a quick choice, the books on the paperback stands are not arranged in any order.

Non-fiction books (information books)

Whether students seek information for schoolwork, projects or homework, or want to find out about one of their interests, non-fiction books on all types of subjects can be borrowed from the library.

Non-fiction books are arranged in subject order. Each subject has a different number (for example, books about Football have the number 796.334 and books about Child Care have the number 305.23). The numbers run from 000-999 and books are shelved in that order. Use the signs around the library and on the shelves to guide you to the correct shelves.

The numbers are called ‘Dewey’ numbers, after Melvil Dewey, the librarian who invented the system, the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme, or ‘Dewey’ for short!

 General Knowledge & Computing
 Philosophy & Psychology
 Social Sciences
 Pure Sciences
 Aat, Fine Art, Sports
 History & Geography

Subject Indexes are available in the library to help you find the Dewey number of the books you need. Just look up your topic in the alphabetical index and the Dewey number will be revealed!

Reference books

The reference section is a collection of books that cannot be loaned out. These include encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri, atlases, and copies of items that are in constant use. These are kept in a separate section and arranged in Dewey order. They are also identified by ‘Reference Only’ or ‘Not To Be Taken Away’ labels on the front cover.

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