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Exam Rules

Examination Rules & Regulations

The examinations that you take at King Edward VII Science and Sport College will play a significant part in your future. They will influence what you do in the future and the qualifications that you gain will affect your career opportunities and access to further and higher education. There are a number of exam rules and regulations that you must comply with and these are outlined below.

If you fail to follow the examination rules, the school is required to contact the Examination Board. The Examination Board will then issue a penalty for your offence. This can range from a warning to being barred from sitting all qualifications for a set period. Please therefore make sure that you read the following information carefully.

Absence from Examinations 

You must attend all examinations that are allocated to you on your timetable. If you are unsure about an exam on your timetable, you must speak to your subject tutor about the exam as soon as possible. 

Please be aware that if you are not present at the start of your examination the College will attempt to contact your parent/guardian in order to ensure that you attend. If you fail to attend and do not provided a satisfactory reason for your absence, you will be charged for the examination.

Illness on the day of your Examination 

In most cases, it is better to take the examination if you can. If you feel unwell before or during the exam, please inform Room 3 or let the invigilator know. The College can then inform the Examination Board who will take into account your illness and may award you additional marks for the affected exam.

If you unable to attend an examination due to illness, your parent/guardian must contact the College as soon as possible on the morning of the examination. A medical certificate/letter MUST be given to Room 3 within three days after the date of the exam. This will enable the College to either re-enter you in a later exam series or apply for special consideration if it was your final opportunity to sit the exam.

Bags, Coats and Scarves 

Bags, coats and scarves must be put in the designated area as instructed by the invigilator.

Mobile Phones, Pagers, Electronic Organisers, Music Players 

You are not allowed to have on your possession mobile phones, pagers, organisers, music players, headphones or any type of electronic communication or storage devices. If you do bring these with you to College, these must be switched off and put in your bag.

If a mobile phone, pager or other electronic communication device is found in your possession during an examination, even if it is turned off, the device will be taken from you and a report will be made to the relevant Examination Board.


If you are caught cheating in any way in an examination you will be reported to the relevant Examination Board. ‘Cheating’ means doing anything that is against the rules and includes:

  • Being in possession of a mobile phone, iPod, MP3 player, pager, or any other product with text/digital facilities
  • Using unauthorised aids
  • Communicating with other candidates (by talking or otherwise)
  • Using correction fluid or highlighters on your answer booklets.
  • Copying from other candidates

Penalties for cheating can include being barred from taking any examination for up to five years.


You must provide all your own equipment. Pencil cases/boxes must be transparent or you may bring your equipment in a clear plastic bag.

The following equipment should be brought to EVERY examination:

  • 2 pens – black only
  • 2 HB pencils
  • Ruler (marked with centimetres and millimetres)
  • Rubber

For certain examinations, you will also need the following:

  • Compass
  • Protractor
  • Calculator
  • Coloured pencil crayons

Calculators may be used in most examinations: your subject teachers will tell you if they are not allowed for a particular paper. You are responsible for bringing your own calculator and this should be no larger than the regular handheld size. Printed instructions or calculator cases are not allowed with you in an exam. You are able to purchase scientific calculator and maths equipment from the Maths Department and stationery is available to purchase from the Library.

Conduct in the Examination Room 

  • You must be silent at all times when you are in the examination room. This includes when you enter and leave.
  • Listen to the invigilator and follow their instructions at all times.
  • If you need assistance, put your hand up and wait for an invigilator to attend to you.
  • Check that you have the correct examination paper. If you think that you have not been given the right paper or materials, please put up your hand and inform the invigilator at once. 
  • You must fill out all the details on the front of the question paper as instructed.
  • At the end of the exam, you must fasten any additional sheets in the correct order with a treasury tag. 
  • You must remain in the examination room for the full length of time. Under no circumstances are you allowed out of the examination room unescorted until all the examination papers and equipment have been collected up and the invigilator has told you to leave. Once you have entered the examination room, you have to be escorted at all times if you need to leave (e.g. if you need to go to the toilet).

Late for an Examination 

Please ensure that you arrive on time for your examinations. If you are late, please report to Room 3 and they will take you to the examination room. Please be aware it is at the discretion of the College whether you are given the full time for your exam. If you arrive after 10:00am for morning examinations or 2:30pm for afternoon examinations, you may not be allowed to take the exam.

JCQ Information for Candidates

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