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Year 13 Widening your Horizons Day

On Tuesday 21st June year 13 took part in ‘Widening your Horizons’ day. Students volunteered to join a workshop of their choice to develop their employability skills.  

We invited partner institutions to help offer their expertise in the delivery of the sessions and this added more ‘magic’ to the impact. At the end of the day students wrote a paragraph in preparation for their UCAS application, demonstrating their newly found skills. Students could choose from the following workshops: 

Debating Society

Students were joined by undergraduates from the University of Nottingham. They were put into teams, researched the pros and cons of Brexit and challenged each other with a well prepared debate. 

At the start of the day, I wasn’t sure what to expect. By the end, I really enjoyed the day and it has actually changed my mind on what I wanted to do at university.

Amy Tarr

I had lots of fun, especially with researching and collating ideas. It has inspired me to study a politically-related degree. It was a very valuable day.

Kenza Afnoukh

I have really enjoyed today. I felt the day was set out well to learn about the EU referendum and put forward my opinion. I really appreciated the help of the students from the University of Leicester too.

Jordan Emery

Coaching Skills

Students learned the theory and practiced the art of coaching on each other in preparation for supporting some year 9 students over the induction period. 

It was very helpful and helped me to develop confidence. I also learnt how to ask the right questions to vulnerable individuals.

Mollie McGahan

This workshop gave me new skills and I feel more comfortable talking within groups. I feel that I will be able to help years 9’s on their induction day.

Lauren Haberfield

It was good, I have learnt new skills that I will be able to include in my personal statement.

Isabelle Wale

Taking part in the triad activity was fun and helpful because we worked out of our comfort zone being with new people. We also did some role play that allowed us to be inventive and feel empathetic with the year 9’s.

Olivia Lyon

Murder Mystery Tour!

Thanks to the National Citizenship Service (NCS) and Nottingham Trent University a comprehensive series of problem solving sessions were organised whereby students had to unravel a mystery by working in teams and applying their lateral thinking skills!

I went into this workshop feeling like I wouldn’t enjoy it, but as the day went on I began to get more and more involved as I found it more entertaining and challenging. Overall I found my experience very enlightening.

Daniel Bland

We did a lot of different team building activities which helped with leadership skills, management skills, creativity and problem solving.

James Hall

It was a very fun workshop. It was nice to work with people we don’t usually work with and I had a laugh.

Abigail Leach

Careers into Medicine and Rat Dissection

The University of Leicester opened up the session with a talk in entering medical related careers followed by the opportunity for students to dissect rats! Four medical students (two ex-students of King Edward VII) stayed and supported our students during the dissection, asked challenging questions and offered one to one guidance and advice in terms of applying for medical related degrees at university.

It was very interesting and a unique experience.

Elliot Bentley

I learned a lot about anatomy, it was an enjoyable experience.

Charlotte Salter

I enjoyed it and it was useful because it gave us an idea of the jobs we could do in the future.

Amber Wilton

Ultimate Frisbee

The School Sports Partnership group trained a group of students to be referees in the exciting and popular sport ‘ultimate Frisbee’. They fully qualified at the end of the session and are pencilled in to umpire an inter- primary school tournament at the beginning of next term.  

I enjoyed today’s session. I developed leadership skills and led a skills session to the rest of the group.

Kieran Storer

I enjoyed today’s session as I developed communication skills and how to work in a team.

Daniel Wright

I enjoyed learning a new sport and being able to umpire games which give me the chance to help out at the school sports day

Phoebe Mugglestone

Poetry Writing 

Students dared to travel “where no man has been before!” and crafted beautiful poetry. They didn’t know they had it in them!

I’ve really enjoyed today, as it focused on widening creativity, rather than poetic theory, which means it was more applicable to other areas.

Daniel Muddimer

I enjoyed today as I tries something different which I wouldn’t usually do. As well as improve my writing skills.

Jemima Haines

It was entertaining, engaging and enjoyable to explore poetry writing on certain topics and to hear others poetry first hand.

Callum Robinson

Enrichment day has allowed me to explore my own written communication and has enabled me to improve it further. I have really enjoyed the day and only wish it could have been longer in order to gain even more from the experience.

Jade Jordan

I enjoyed looking at all the different ways you can begin to write poetry. I also enjoyed writing the poems and expressing my ideas in the poems.

Milly Bishop


The University of Loughborough joined a team of budding students to train them in the art of journalism. They are preparing to record, document and produce a small film that will cover the highlights of a prestigious youth sporting event hosted by Loughborough University next September.

Today has begun to introduce how to effectively report at an event and I wouldn’t have gained valuable knowledge about the school challenge without the help of Sally.

Ellie Osborn

We have been introduced to our role at the annual school games, and introduced to the kind of integrity we will have to take whilst helping at the event.

Nathan Dale

Sports Day

A team of students planned the 2016 Sports Day together with the Head of PE, Mr. Thompson. We are looking forward to an exciting day observing events from the highly competitive relay to the egg and spoon race! Well done TEAM KING ED!

It was very challenging, it also tested my patience. However, I really enjoyed my time organising sports day.

Tayla Chambers

My organisational skills were tested and developed today, which will help me in other things like planning work and revision in the future.

Dane Hughes

Today I experienced what team work is and how important it is. We were given a task where we had to complete spreadsheets; this tested our patience, team work, problem solving and communication skills.

Helina Rai


A group of students took part in the French workshops designing and promoting a French product and left the session having learned a little bit of French! bien joué year 13!

It was useful and a fun experience. I learned a lot more than I expected despite not having this down as my choice.

Rilkean Patfield

Even though I didn’t pick this workshop, it was enjoyable and it helped to recap all of my GCSE French in practical situations.

Rosie Gutteridge


Students approached computers in a different way in their workshop on programming. Talents were realised that they never thought existed and the teamwork was reported as exceptional!

It was a very fun and engaging activity. I never knew that such a fun activity could teach me so much about what the working world is actually like.

Elliott Luxton

It was challenging but rewarding.

Ryan Davis

A good experience as I had to complete tasks which were out of my comfort zone.

Brydon Hurst

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