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Year 12 Maths Conference

On Thursday 28th April, year 12 Maths students attended a maths conference. During the conference they solved problems which they may face in their up and coming exams. 

Students worked excellently with each other and were supportive and hardworking.  All students had the opportunity to stand up and present their mathematical workings to the whole cohort, it was fantastic to see students confidently communicating their methods to the whole cohort. Ross McDonald, Charlie Richardson, Sarah Hoyles, Patrick Johnson all presented excellently and won their teams prizes for the presentation. 

During the afternoon students worked on Statistics, with a focus on identifying the key formulae they need to use and effectively communicating their work. The day ended with a relay race on Statistics where students had to answer the questions as a team as quickly as possible to find the final answer and the prize. 

All Year 12 students have been provided with additional resources and tools to help them succeed in their up and coming exams. 

Keep working hard year 12 and Well done! 

Miss Green

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