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Local novelist visits King Edward's Creative Writing Society

On Friday 2nd December, King Edward’s budding writers were privileged to meet novelist Stewart Bint from Leicester, who attended the fortnightly creative writing session to inspire our students with his fascinating career. 

As well as an illustrious past working as a broadcast journalist for the BBC, he has recently published an array of successful novels including ‘Timeshaft’, ‘The Jigsaw and the Fan’ and ‘In Shadows Waiting’. 

The sci-fi, paranormal novelist led a fascinating talk, followed by an open question and answer session, where students were free to ask their burning questions. Bint, who has been a full-time writer all of his life, but has only worked in fiction for five years, gripped our students with tales of his personal experiences within writing, as well as providing various pieces of advice surrounding the job, which were invaluable to our aspiring writers. Also in attendance was Mr Howe, a maths teacher, who made the intrepid journey from the maths department to the English block after deciding that this was an opportunity too good to miss!

The students were curious to know where authors get their ideas and inspiration from and how they cope with the pressures of deadlines and the ever common ‘writer’s block’. Bint, fully aware of such pressures due to working for a broadcasting company and a magazine in which he publishes a regular column, told our students that, “inspiration can come from anywhere!” He then went on to tell us how one of the main ideas behind his bestselling ‘Timeshaft’ came from the first ever episode of Doctor Who back in 1963, proving that all it takes is one ‘lightbulb moment’ for magic to happen! 

Bint claims that when writing about particular characters, it is a good idea to interview them for your own purposes, and that by answering questions from the perspective of your character, it becomes easier to write about them. As well as this, he recommends forming a mental panorama of scenes you have created, and describing each and every detail as you envisage it for full descriptive effect. After discussions surrounding characterisation, different writing styles and the processes of getting work published, it is safe to say our students were well and truly inspired. 

Many thanks to Stewart Bint for visiting us. The creative writing society endeavour to keep working on new projects and perhaps one day our students’ novels will grace the shelves of Waterstones! 

Harriet Wilton

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