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King Edward welcomes teachers from South Africa, Ghana and Tanzania

On Tuesday 11th October, a group of eight teachers from South Africa, Ghana and Tanzania visited King Edward VII Science and Sport College as part of their work with the University of Warwick’s Warwick in Africa programme. 

The programme gives students from the University of Warwick the opportunity to share their passion for their subject specialisms by volunteering for six week placements in a number of schools across the three countries. Similarly, teachers from these schools are given the opportunity to visit the UK for an exciting two-week period, taking part in a range of cultural and educational activities. It was a great honour to be asked to host a day of professional development and cultural exchange as part of this exciting, action-packed visit.

It was with great pleasure that we hosted the eight teachers and project coordinator, Ruth Dorrell. Initially, the teachers were interviewed by a wonderful team of sixth formers, who were keen to share their own insights into high quality education and their experiences at King Edward VII. Many of our students were very excited to be able to broaden their understanding of life in South Africa, Ghana, and Tanzania, deepening their engagement as global citizens. 

The passion for learning of all of the visitors was awe-inspiring and it was very difficult to say goodbye at the end of the day. Mrs Wright’s Year 11 group took the opportunity to conduct some research about the lives of teenagers in Africa in preparation for an article they are going to write for their current GCSE English Language unit. The students had an incredible time talking to all of the teachers and were spellbound by their stories and experiences. A key realisation for them was that teenagers across the world share many similarities across different cultures, countries, and communities.

As teachers, it was wonderful to be able to reflect on our own practice with subject specialists who work in very different contexts but face similar challenges. High quality education is a global goal and it is through collaboration that all nations can achieve this. At King Edward VII, we are determined to tackle disadvantage and to ensure the very best outcomes for all of our students. This was a mission statement shared by our visitors and it was truly life-affirming to be able to reflect on the values behind our practice as teaching professionals.

Mr Marvell (SENCO and Inclusion Coordinator) concluded the day with a highly rated session on behaviour for learning, sharing his experience and insight into a variety of UK educational settings, as well as a toolkit of strategies to engage learners. It is always exciting for staff to be able to share their expertise with one another, but even more so to be able to discuss strategies that will then be implemented thousands of miles away!


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