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Year 13 Graduation Friday 24th June 2016

On the night of Friday 24th June 2016, staff, students and parents jointly celebrated the achievements and successes of our year 13 students preparing to leave the college for pastures new!

The first part of the evening was hosted by the college’s dedicated Design Faculty. Staff and students worked incredibly hard weeks before the event to publically exhibit the outstanding ‘master pieces’ completed by an extremely talented year 13. Fine art, graphic design, photography and textiles work was taken away by the chief examination officer to use as exemplars when training design staff nationally. He was overwhelmed by the quality and standard of the finished products.

Parents were invited to visit the exhibition before receiving a complimentary glass of wine to help soak up the electric atmosphere for the official graduation hosted by a range of staff and students. They entered to the sounds and rhythms of our famous year 13 band and it was noted how Tom Ion can officially play the guitar behind his head, (Jimmy Hendrix’s reputation is about to be replaced!) 

The ceremony was officially opened by Ms Byrne, who reflected upon the student's journeys over the past four years and told the audience of her own.

The night then launched into Faculty Awards, true ‘Oscar- style’, whereby nominees were read out to a drum roll and the deserving winner announced.  Faculty and department heads found the final decision very difficult but the following students were recognised as having delivered ‘above and beyond’ for the following:

  • Consistency in applying their effort over the past two years
  • Relentless determination to develop a range of skills
  • A commitment to attending every ‘Making the Grade’ session
  • Completion of past examination papers
  • Voluntary essay writing emailed to staff during all hours of the night!  
The winners of the 2016 subject Awards are:
Jake Shaw
Joanna Marsden
Rebecca McGrother
Jess Pollard
Molly Locke & Lauren Bray
Cameron Stevens
Hannah Aldridge
Jade Lenton
Chloe Hudson
English Literature & Language
James Clare
English Literature
George Wardle
Dan Harrold
Megan Straw
Hannah Rodwell
Production Arts
Andrew McDonald
Liam Mayo & Kiera Radford
Nathan Baugh
Fine Art
Abbi Leake
Abby Millward
Keiran Lee-Ridgway
Product Design
Rhys Beaver
Health and Social Care
Frances Bayliss
Ella Mawer & Jordan Morton
Fine Art
Abbi Leake
Ruth Emmerson – never studied a Design subject before, excellent progress, natural and hard worker
Max Mann – outstanding mentor
Miss Booth’s ‘Special Award’ for resilience and being generally great!
Chloe Hudson & Laura Murray

This Person is...

This person is ... Quiet yet confident

This person is ... Unassuming but self assured

This person is ...  Determined but compassionate

This person has ... shown levels of resilience that both peers and staff have been impressed with

Despite all the events thrown at her she remained dedicated to her studies 

She’s nothing short of being a winner and we are all so very proud of her!

This person is Chloe Hudson

This person... has had the wind taken out of her sails

This person...found it difficult to breathe when tragedy struck

This person... has shown levels of determination and resilience beyond compare

This person... is developing such a capacity for life and living that it puts the most steadfast adult to shame           

We have all looked on with awe and admiration as this girl has grown into a compassionate young women

This person is truly a beacon of light

This person is Laura Murray

This was followed by Ms Bowles speech:

So year 13, you've made it, at least in body if not in mind. 

This year has been full of enjoyment, energy, enthusiasm and (some of you) have worked hard too! Joking aside, it's been a fabulous year and it has been a pleasure to work with such determined and aspirational youngsters. 

You have shown tremendous resilience and determination at each obstacle that has been thrown at you and you have come out smiling. We are immensely proud of the human beings you have become and one day when you're running the world, or making massive decisions for huge companies, or working for a charity somewhere on the other side of the world, just remember we will still be immensely proud of you all. 

I wish you all the luck in the world and can't wait to celebrate more with you at the Ball next weekend and in August when you collect your amazing results. Well done and thank you.

Miss Bowles 

A very tearful Ms Booth closed the evening with two special awards and a poem especially written for EVERY young person in year 13 venturing out into the adult world….

To a very special year group

The end of A Levels is upon you

but your Education is about to begin

so take a breath and freeze this moment

and allow the memories in

Your journey has not been easy

filled with fear, confusion and joy

but tonight you sit here before me

ablaze with excitement, wonder and hope

As another chapter opens

a blank page  eagerly awaits

the pen that will craft your future

and define the person you will become

Staff at King Edward VII

have filled you with what we know

by sharing our minds and vision

and now you’re ready to go  ....

We hope you find happiness and fulfilment

in whatever you chose to do

REMEMBER, embrace the world whole heartedly

and take every opportunity she’ll propose to you

Stay safe year 13

Miss B

This was a truly memorable evening for staff parents and students. All the staff are proud of the achievements, successes and resilience this year group in particular have demonstrated this year.

Goodbye and good luck year 13!

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