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Maths News!

The Maths Department has redesigned its main display in the E-Block entrance foyer to focus on allowing students to take ownership of their work and revision. 

The display includes: daily grade specific worksheets (from that students can help themselves to, a timetable of revision resources for the lunchtime Maths Café (open to all students every day with free hot chocolate!) and spare homework sheets for all groups for when the dog ate them!

Lunchtime Maths Café Focus (but we can look at any topic)


22/2 – 26/2

29/2 – 4/3

7/3 – 11/3

14/3 – 18/3

21/3 – 24/3


Compound Shapes

Linear Graphs

Mean, Median and Mode

Problem Solving with Ratio

Stem and Leaf Diagrams


Circle Theorems

Indices and Standard Form

Cumulative Frequency and Box Plots



Our Wednesday afterschool Making The Grade sessions are also continuing until the exams:

Rm 47

Rm 53

Rm 48

Rm 49

Rm 45

Further Maths

Target A/A*

Target B

Target C

Target D-E


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