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Careers Day September 2015

On September 29th 2015, every single student at King Edward VII participated in a careers inspiration morning. 

 On September 29th 2015, every single student at King Edward VII participated in a careers inspiration morning. Twenty nine visitors from the local community volunteered their time to discuss their career paths with students and give them the opportunity to ask questions about careers they might be interested in when they complete their education.
The careers represented were wide ranging, including (among others): Matthew Watson (a paramedic), Jane Hinds (Johnston Astill solicitors), Aneurin  Redman-White (an engineer), Brett Turner (AVP productions), Ian Weston (North-West Leicestershire Police), Kieran McKenna (sales), Gary Barber (Benchmark Properties) and Andrew Bridgen (MP). Several members of King Edward VII staff were also able to talk about their careers before coming into teaching; T. Walker, J. Cottle, L. Fleming, D. Aylmer, J. Pallet, H. Abadir and M. Allen all gave fabulous talks to their groups. There was a buzz in the air as students went from session to session; some came away with a firm career idea in their minds, others came away with a clearer picture of what they did NOT want to do, and some went away to pursue ideas which were suggested during the course of the day.
Our sincere thanks to all of those who came in to support our wonderful youngsters in preparing for their futures, and to the students who were (predictably) a credit to the school in their attitude and behaviour. As Yarnah Doras (Y12) said, “It was amazing – I’ve had a fantastic day!”
We asked our Careers Day visitors to the College how it feels to inspire the next generation into their line of work.
Overall it’s great to share my experiences of what I’ve created as a business over the last five years. Plus it was good that students in each session showed enthusiasm with positive questions, also asking about work experience placements.
Brett Turner
All Video Productions
Police work is about serving the public and making their lives better. We enjoy working closely with the next generation who are our future. I hope some of your students consider working with the police service and have an enjoyable and successful career.
Police Sargeant Ian Weston
Leicestershire Police
It is part of my job. We need to raise expectations and talk up our area and our people at every opportunity.
Andrew Bridgen
House of Commons
It feels exciting and hopefully the students have learnt something new about working for a large business and what Human Resources do.
Joanna Newton
Jaguar Land Rover
It is nice to know so many people were inspired to take up my chosen career. It felt great to be able to sway the students into realising that it is a satisfying and very interesting career.
Matt Howe
West Midlands Ambulance Service
I hope they found it interesting and relevant to their future career paths. It was great to see the students excited about Design as a career path.
Sam Bowles-Henson
Games Workshop
I hope I can make one person think a bit differently and do something they were scared of trying before.
Adam McNamar
Nottingham University
I hope that the students feel that a career in law is open to them and that they have an opportunity to get involved in social justice.
Samantha Pegg
Nottingham Trent University
Nottingham Law School
It was a very satisfying experience. Few students are aware of the diverse roles within the pharmaceutical industry.
Kathleen Lucas
3M Healthcare (retired)
It felt good encouraging students to build their skills in order to find employment relevant to their chosen career is very rewarding.
Kieran McKenna
JLA Solution Sales
I take great satisfaction in helping younger people find new options for future opportunities and in promoting STEM pursuits.  It is also a pleasure to work with such a supportive school!
Aneurin Redman-White
A very interesting and well organised event.
Judith Payne
It was a fantastic feeling to be able to pass on my knowledge and experience to the students.
Jay Bhundia
I am in the very fortunate position of being in a role that I love and as I joined the Army at 16, it gives me great pleasure to give the youngsters a different option to consider away from the mainstream University/Apprenticeship route.
Mark Harrison
It was great to share my experience and to be able to encourage students to realise that there are always roles to suit everybody in my profession.
Kramie Moon
To see the path they can follow in a traditional Design Pathway Career. It is a thriving industry and we need to make that clear to students.
Zoe Halshead
Freelance Needlecraft Designer
It would be very rewarding if I could see the resultant actions.
Paul Lucas
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