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GCSE Geography Field Work At Bradgate Park

Over the course of four days, 141 Year 10 students took part in the first part of their GCSE Geography field work at Bradgate Park.


Students were tasked with collecting data to investigate the risk of flooding presented by the River Lin, and worked in small groups at a number of different sites along the river to do so. Students took measurements of the depth, width and velocity of the river to calculate discharge, and compared this to the Bradshaw model to assess whether the channel characteristics could influence flood risk along the river. They also completed field sketches to assess how humans have altered the drainage basin of the River Lin, again using this information to assess the flood risk at the site. Finally, students completed questionnaires to assess how the River Lin may have affected people and property along the River Lin. Students will be using the data they have collected, along with secondary data, to complete a written investigation over the coming weeks.

The highlight of the trip for the members of staff who accompanied the students was the excellent behaviour and teamwork demonstrated by the students, along with the politeness they showed when talking to members of the public. One couple who completed a survey remarked that "The students were very polite and enthusiastic, and gave a really good impression of your school." Perhaps the biggest highlight for students happened on the final day, when Mr Malpass lost his footing and tumbled into the river only moments after reminding students to take care when entering the river channel. Thankfully it was a warm day and no lasting damage was done! 

Overall, it was an excellent four days of fieldwork and will leave the students well prepared for answering questions about river fieldwork in their future exams. Well done Year 10!



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