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Year 11 Receive Mock Examination Results February 2018

Year 11 eagerly awaited their mock examination results on Friday 2nd February in the main dining hall. The aim was to simulate the experience students will feel when opening the 'brown envelope' in August 2018.    

We anticipated that students would be nervous, so the Senior Team briefed students in the neuroscience of a 'growth mind-set' to equip them with a 'positive thinking tool-kit' in preparation for their emotional response.  

Students will learn more about the science of a 'growth mind set' in Tuesday's PSHE session and information will be uploaded onto our website for parents to access. 

Students were reminded of the range of support available and once again encouraged to take every opportunity to 'grow their intelligence' and develop their examination knowledge and skills in preparation for the real GCSE examinations beginning May 2018. 


Intervention support programmes available at the college:


Making the Grade (lunch times and after school)

Mastery Classes (after half term)

Study Hall (Monday night after school)

Year 11 Parents’ Evening Tuesday 6th and Thursday 8th February 

Year 11 Parents’ Revision Support and Guidance Evening Wednesday 14th March

Well-being programme

Tutor monitoring, tracking and coaching of targeted students 

Students responded by filling out a 'reflection' sheet and were urged to take this home as a starting point of discussion with parents.

Well done year 11 

Remember.... brilliant outcomes and a brilliant future means putting in 100% brilliant effort NOW! 


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