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BTEC award winners

Congratulations to three of our very talented students, who have won BTEC Awards, these national awards recognise the strength, resilience, flexibility, determination, and perseverance of learners, educators, and learning centres. This is exciting news for all of us at King Edward VII, as this will be the second year in which our students have won such coveted titles, and we are always overjoyed whenever the talent of our students is recognised.


Our talented national award winning students are:

Helena Meadows - Bronze Student of the Year for Performing Arts (Dance)

Kaci-Leigh Winstone - Bronze Student of the Year for Performing Arts (Dance)

Isabel Lowen - Bronze Creative Media student of the year.


In spite of the difficult times which we are all currently facing, the BTEC awards will go ahead as planned. The Award ceremony for Gold winners will be streamed online across several social media channels on the 25th of June at 2pm. The reason for this is that BTEC recognise that in such times it is more important than ever to recognise the achievements of awardees such as Helena, Kaci-Leigh, and Isabel. Showing us all that even in times of national crisis their accomplishments are just as important as ever.  


Helena, Kaci-Leigh, and Isabel should be very proud of themselves for the effort which they have put in to win these national awards. The students and staff wish them all the congratulations they deserve, and we are all excited to see what lies ahead for them.


For more information about BTEC and the award ceremony please see the links below:


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