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School gate information for parents

Dear Parent/Carer

Over recent months, you will have become more aware of the increased focus on the safeguarding of young people across the country, and at King Edward VII College, we take our responsibilities in this respect extremely seriously.

Over the summer period, the College invested significant funds to improve site security including enhancements to our CCTV system, improved safety signage, safety barriers and bollards to the paved exits around the site and the installation of security fencing and gates across the entire college campus.

For those of you who bring your child/children to school in the morning, or collect them in the afternoon using the Meadow Lane entrance, you may already have noticed the additional enhancements and made adjustments to your own existing arrangements in anticipation of the new gates becoming operational.

With effect from Monday 11th November 2019, the automatic pedestrian and vehicle gates will be operational between 09:10 am and 3:20 pm Monday to Friday with vehicular access restricted to staff only during these times.

The gates on the Warren Hills Road side of the campus will remain locked permanently, with access available to delivery drivers, contractors and staff only.

The arrangements in respect of access across the school field before and after school using the Warren Hills School gate remain un-changed, and access remains available for those children who make their way to and from school using this route during the designated times.

We are sure that you will appreciate these additional safeguarding measures put in place to ensure the safety of your children during the school day and to prevent unauthorised persons gaining access to the site.

King Edward VII staff remain committed to every student and appreciate that from time to time it may be necessary for parents and carers to attend the school site during the day for a number of reasons. Should this be the case, then a member of staff will either telephone you directly to invite you to attend, or alternatively you may telephone the college reception initially for assistance, or to advise staff that you will be making a visit.

Should you wish to meet with a member of staff in person to discuss your child/children, this will continue to be arranged on a pre-booked appointment basis only. Please may I remind you that if you turn up at the College un-announced to see a member of staff, you may be denied entry or face a significant wait.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your continued support in keeping our young people safe and would ask that you contact the College if you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter.

Yours faithfully


Ms J Byrne


King Edward VII Science and Sport College is an exempt charity and a company limited by guarantee, registered in England with Company Number 8158225 and has a registered office at Warren Hills Road, Coalville, Leicestershire LE67 4UW