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Apollo Partnership Trust Consultation

Dear Parents, In May 2018, The CEO of The Apollo Partnership Trust, Mrs J Patrick, informed parents and stakeholders of the intention of King Edward VII College to formally join The Apollo Partnership Trust.

The shared vision is to review our current two tier secondary system with the intention of the three secondary schools in Coalville becoming two, with a shared sixth form under one employer, The Apollo Partnership Trust.

I am now writing to you to inform you of the current stage of this exciting development.

King Edward VII College is currently a single academy trust. In order to continue our journey in reshaping the educational landscape, it is our intention that King Edward VII College now formally joins the Apollo Partnership Trust.

The Apollo Partnership Trust is currently composed of Castle Rock High School, Newbridge High School and Broom Leys Primary School. All are rated good schools by OFSTED and alongside King Edward VII College, also an OFSTED rated good school, we are committed to work collaboratively to achieve the very best for all of our young people.

Formally being part of The Apollo Partnership Trust will allow us to share the many strengths within all of the Apollo schools, thereby achieving ‘excellence through partnership.’

The formal consultation process will begin on Monday 24th September and run until Monday 8th October 2018.

Please note, this consultation is for King Edward VII College to formally join the Apollo Partnership Trust, and is not a consultation regarding future plans for age range changes or merged schools. This will be a separate consultation which will take place should the decision be made for King Edward VII to join Apollo.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding schools joining a MAT, can be found on our website.

Responses regarding the consultation can be submitted to: Chair of Governors, c/o King Edward VIl College.

The proposed timeline is outlined below:

24th September 2018

Launch of the formal consultation


Monday 1st October 5.00-6.00pm at Broom Leys Primary School.

An opportunity to meet with the following;


  • Mrs Michala Worrell - Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Apollo Partnership Trust;
  • Mrs Julia Patrick CEO of Apollo Partnership Trust and Executive Headteacher, Castle Rock High School and Newbridge High School
  • Mr Carl Bond - Chair of Governors at King Edward VII College
  • Ms Jenny Byrne – Principal of King Edward VII College


By 8th October 2018

Views to be submitted


8th October 2018

End of Consultation


Mid October 2018

Decision to be made on the proposal for King Edward VII to join The Apollo Partnership Trust.



All views will be considered by the governing board before a final decision is made.

Should the decision be taken that the proposal goes ahead, it will be followed by an official period of due diligence. This is a vital part of the process of joining a Multi Academy Trust.

During this time, King Edward VII College would undertake a detailed due diligence process on The Apollo Partnership Trust and vice versa.

Until the successful completion of this, no formal process to join The Apollo Partnership Trust would take place.

I look forward to hearing your views.

Yours faithfully,

Mr C Bond


Chair of Governors at King Edward VII College, Coalville




  1. Why join a MAT


  • All Academies will be expected to be MATs by the end of this parliament
  • The Regional Schools Commissioner has specified that a potential MAT should be have a capacity to improve and allow schools to support each other. This fits our philosophy of working collaboratively.


  1. What are the differences between staying as stand-alone academies or by forming a MAT?


A MAT is where two or more academies join together legally with an over-arching Board of Trustees.  There are several models of MAT throughout the country. Academies are Charitable Trusts in law and the Academy Trust holds ownership of schools in it and becomes the employer of school staff. Schools in the Apollo retain their names and their own budgets, but gain flexibilities with regard to resources, facilities, learning opportunities, staff training and community activities. As the MAT is a single entity, we will be able to strengthen the collaboration between schools and continue to drive up standards in a sustainable manner, by providing a consistent strategy and vision for all schools in the MAT.


  1. What are the benefits of forming a MAT?


Students will benefit through:


  • Having a shared set of values and expectations across all schools
  • Having increased opportunities for learning across all schools, utilising shared resources and expertise
  • Having more opportunities to work together in specific areas such as vocational education, peer-mentoring schemes etc.
  • Having consistent shared policies related to school improvement strategies to strive to continuously improve the overall effectiveness of the schools, e.g. effectiveness of leadership and management, quality of teaching, learning and assessment, the personal development, behaviour and welfare of all students, and of course, the outcomes for all students
  • All schools in the MAT challenging and supporting each other, where innovation and improvement are embraced in parallel to drive up standards across the whole MAT


Parents and carers will benefit through:


  • Having a shared ethos across the schools which will enable a common set of beliefs, values, policies and practices to be enhanced across the partnership.
  • Knowing that resources and facilities will be shared across schools, which will give richer provision for their children
  • Knowing that their children will be in schools that are striving to be outstanding and that jointly will work to offer excellent education and provision
  • Knowing that their children will have a greater range of teaching expertise from all schools to enhance their learning




Staff will benefit through:


  • Being in ambitious schools that are jointly at the cutting edge of inclusive education and provision
  • Having increased opportunities to work with other colleagues where the drive to improve professional capital is continuous. This means enhanced opportunities for teaching and professional development
  • Having a greater understanding of the different but complementary approaches needed for individual students across primary and secondary age range
  • Sharing specialist expertise and facilities schools
  • Being part of a highly motivated and experienced workforce


  1. Make-up of the Multi Academy Trust Governing Board


There is one MAT Board with Local Governing Boards for each school.


  1. How will the accountability process work?


The leadership team at the college would report to the MAT board on a termly basis through the CEO of Apollo.


  1. Who will be teaching my child? Will the same teachers and teaching assistants remain in each school?


The strength of our schools rests on the excellence of our staff. We do not wish to lose any member of permanent staff as a result of this process. The existing teachers, teaching assistants and support staff will carry on working in their current school and there will be no compulsion to work in another school. However, there will be opportunities for colleagues from all schools to broaden their roles by working in another school. There will be no pressure to do so.


  1. Will the staff still have the same employment rights if we become a Multi Academy Trust?


In practice, all staff will transfer their employment from their stand-alone academy trust to the Apollo Partnership Trust.  Their Terms and Conditions of service will be protected under ‘transfer of undertakings’ legislation known as TUPE. It will not be the intention of the current Governing Board of CLCC to propose that any Terms and Conditions are changed.  Equally it is the intention of the governing boards to fully endorse continued union recognition rights.


  1. Will Ofsted continue to inspect the college as a separate entity?


Yes. However, Ofsted will also expect the trust to attend the Ofsted inspection and give its perspective on progress and achievement.

King Edward VII Science and Sport College is an exempt charity and a company limited by guarantee, registered in England with Company Number 8158225 and has a registered office at Warren Hills Road, Coalville, Leicestershire LE67 4UW