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Parents Revision Support Evening

Parents revision support evening will be held on 5.12.17 here at the college. 

As Christmas approaches, it is a sobering thought that students in Year 11 effectively have just one term of study left, ahead of their GCSE exams in May.  Mock exams are a vital part of students’ preparation, since they simulate the live exams and enable student to identify gaps in knowledge and skills, while there is still time to work on key issues.  In order for students to gain maximum benefit from the mock experience, it is essential that they prepare thoroughly.  Attainment data collected over many years strongly supports the view that students who perform well in mock exams go on to achieve outstanding results in the live exams.  Unfortunately, the data is equally convincing about students who do minimal revision, and then underperform in both mock and live exams.


We know from research conducted over four decades, that parents have a highly positive impact on students’ progress.  However, recent feedback has told us that whilst parents are very keen to support their children with their studies at home, they are not always sure how best to go about it.  The purpose of our revision support evening is to equip parents with the practical tools they need in helping their child prepare for the mock exams in January.


The evening will begin with a brief introduction about important revision techniques, after which you will be able to meet subject specialists for individual discussions about key strategies likely to be effective in supporting your child.

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