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Brilliant Health Day 2017

As part of the King Edward VII PSHE curriculum, all students will visit a health fair, to meet reprosentatives from professional organisations. 

On Friday 1st December students will take part in the following three workshops: 

  1. Mindfulness. A workshop that teaches students to be aware of their emotional wellbeing so they can manage times of pressure both in and out of school.   
  2. Body Image. A work shop that highlights the ‘dangers’ of celebrity culture and the growth of social media. Students will learn how ‘beauty’ is represented in unrealistic ways.  
  3. Contraception. A work shop that will increase student’s knowledge and understanding of different types of contraception to help keep safe and healthy. Strict ground rules and expectations will be set so students feel safe to ask questions or seek clarity. The workshop will also explore the nature of healthy and equal relationships.
  4. Students will visit the ‘Health Fair’, engaging with representatives from 11 professional health organisations by asking carefully constructed questions.

Staff are very committed to delivering the PSHE curriculum at King Edward VII. The programme equips young people with the skills and attributes needed to manage their lives, now and in the future. It also provides them with a ‘toolkit’ to help them stay healthy and enter healthy relationships as they move into adulthood. In addition to this, a growing body of research indicates that emotionally and physically healthy students achieve better outcomes at school. 


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