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Students working hard during their Easter break

Nationally, white British children are behind other ethnic groups when it comes to performance at GCSE.  This worrying statistic has made recent headline news.  So what is our local school doing to counteract this problem?

Hundreds of students from King Edward VII College in Coalville are attending Easter Revision School during the break.  Staff at the college have willingly volunteered their time to support youngsters at this crucial time in their exam preparation by offering a comprehensive programme of sessions covering key subject areas.  The college’s ethos of high aspirations and collaboration is palpable, as staff and students work together to achieve the very best educational outcomes for our community.

Each session is tailored to the specific needs of students, and offers dedicated support in critical areas such as knowledge recall, exam technique and coursework completion.  There is a wonderful feeling of a common shared purpose amongst the staff, governors, students and parents.  During the morning break, College Principal, Ms Byrne and Mr Kailofer, Chair of Governors, took time to talk to students about their progress and share a well-deserved cup of brain-invigorating hot chocolate.

“The Easter revision sessions are part of a larger programme of support that we offer our students in order to maximise their potential, and ensure that they are able to realise their future aspirations.  As a college, we are very proud of our track record in helping students progress onto the next stage in their education or training.  100% of students access higher education, further education, training  or employment when they leave King Edward VII – this is against a national increase in school leavers categorised as NEET (not in education, employment or training).  I am immensely proud of the commitment shown by our students to their studies, of our staff who always go above and beyond for the youngsters in their care, and of course, of our parents who play an essential role in ensuring the success of their children.”

Year 11 quotes about Easter revision days …

“A great positive day as it’s very exam focussed and lets you talk to teachers about concepts and ideas you’re not sure about”  George

 “A focused learning environment where we get individual teacher support”  Will

“Everyone here wants to learn! It’s GREAT!”  Emelia and Kayleigh

“I have found them helpful and more effective than revising by myself.” James

“Very useful! It allows us to receive critical information about what we need to do in order to achieve the highest / our personal best in our GCSE exams.” Jarrod

“Very useful! Extra hours of revision that I wouldn’t have done otherwise.” Harriet

“Very useful; it has introduced new vocabulary to learn and allowed me to practice my listening skills in French.” Sian

“I feel a lot more refreshed in the topics I needed to revise this Easter. I feel like I know more than I thought, this makes me more confident with the subject.” Bethany

“Useful – we have gone through past papers so that we know what to expect from the exams. We have gone over useful vocabulary for each topic and learnt meanings of some words that I didn’t know.” Emily

“Very supportive, well-structured and knowledgeable” Alex

“Very supportive when you’re unsure about something. Good if you struggle to motivate yourself at home.” Tom

“They are very useful because you get support, revisiting old topics and you are able to catch up on things you have missed or are behind in.” Courtney

Year 12 quotes about Easter Revision

“It’s clarifying all the things I struggled to understand before” Brioney

“It’s a relaxed learning environment that’s helping me to learn more whilst not feeling stressed out… …. It’s also got me out of bed earlier!” Iga

“ I feel so happy this has been put on by teachers….. I’m learning SO much!” Alice

“It’s making me feel really motivated and triggering revision at home!” Emily

“Everyone here has chosen to be here which means we all want to learn and we all want to get really good grades. We are helping each other….” Olivia

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