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The College Governors require all students in Key Stage 4 to wear uniform. Students and parents must comply with the uniform dress code and parents must support their child in wearing correct uniform and looking smart. College uniform is available directly from the manufacturer.


Plain black trousers – this does not include denim or denim-effect fabric. Trousers should be plain cut, full length and of a suitable material for school. No form of  leggings, jeggings or harem pants are permitted.


Plain black and of a sensible length, i.e. just above the knee. Not too short or trailing on the ground. Fashion skirts are not permitted.  


Black embroidered with the school logo and green piping. These are available to order from the manufacturer.  


Plain white, button-up shirt. Students should wear their blazer over the shirt. In cold weather an official embroidered school cardigan or jumper may be worn in addition to the blazer. No other tops are permitted under the blazer.


All students are required to wear the school tie. These are available to order from the manufacturer.  


Plain black shoes only. No patterned shoes, or shoes of other colours are permitted. Backless, slip-on type shoes are unacceptable for health and safety reasons; students must wear full shoes. If trainer-style shoes are worn, these must be plain black with no contrasting coloured logos. No worker/utility boots or Ugg-style boots.


Hats, scarves and gloves must be smart and professional and fit for purpose. They must be removed when in school buildings. Baseball caps are not permitted.

Outdoor Jackets

Jackets must be smart and professional and free of pictures, messages and logos. Outdoor waterproof jackets with hoods can be worn, but the hoods must be down while students are anywhere on school premises. Jackets must be removed when in the classroom.

PE Kit

  • All jewellery and piercings must be removed during activities
  • Students with long hair must tie it back.
  • All students are expected to wear the official College PE kit i.e. blue sports top with logo, black tracksuit bottoms with logo and optional  blue fleece with logo.
  • PE kit is a complete change of clothing for the lesson. Students must wear appropriate footwear for different PE activities. These must not be their normal school shoes.

Body Piercings

No facial piercings are permitted (tongue, nose, lip etc.) due to health and safety factors. Any students wearing these will be required to remove studs/rings and hand them in to the Pastoral and Progress Office for collection at the end of the school day. Please do not get piercings done just before the start of the new school term


No visible tattoos are permitted. Any student with a visible tattoo will be required to cover them during the school day.


Hair style and colour should be styled in keeping with a professional working environment.


Plain only, in keeping with professional office dress. Fashion belts are not permitted.


Sleeper or stud earrings only. No excessive jewellery. Students wearing excessive jewellery or belts will be asked to remove the items and then hand them in to the Progress and Pastoral Office for collection at the end of the school day. Jewellery cannot be worn in P.E. and in practical subject areas where machinery is used.


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