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    Teaching Staff

    Head of Faculty: Mrs J Catchpole
    Miss H Abadir
    Miss T Bennett
    Miss L Fahey
    Mrs L Field
    Mrs N Pye
    Mathematics & Computing  
    Head of Faculty: Ms J Palmer
    Mr A Ashton
    Mrs M Bolton
    Dr T Dennis
    Miss K Holyman
    Mr P Terzaga
    Head of Computing - Ms R Dosanjh
    Head of Faculty: Mrs D Thornton
    Miss A Corten
    Miss L Fleming
    Miss L Griffin
    Mrs J Crane
    Mr S Daniel
    Mrs E Marriott
    Dr J Pye
    Mrs C Smith (maternity leave)  
    Mr D Taylor
    Mr T Walker
    Social Studies  
    Head of Faculty: Mr M Frost
    Mr M Allen
    Miss E Booth
    Miss A Bowles
    Mr M Burder
    Miss E Carter
    Mrs D Clayfield
    Miss K Davies
    Mrs T Magee
    Mr P Malpass
    Art and Design  
    Head of Faculty: Mrs R Lyons
    Mr P Bulmer
    Mrs K Hodges
    Miss M Lloyd
    Mr J Reeve
    Miss R Ward
    Physical Education  
    Head of Faculty: Mr A Thompson
    Miss R Enion
    Mr G Pearson
    Miss H Sharp
    Mr J Southwart
    Modern Languages  
    Head of Faculty: Ms G Jauzelon
    Miss C Guery
    Performing Arts  
    Head of Faculty: Miss C Shardlow
    Miss E Carter
    Mrs J Grimley
    Learning Support  
    Head of Faculty: Mr L Marvell
    Mrs N Brookes
    Senior Teaching Assistants/Mentors  
    Mrs S Baker  
    Mrs L Moore  
    Mrs R Workman  
    Cover Supervisor  
    Mrs H Smith