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    Study Support for Sixth Form Students

    Academic standards at A Level are rigorous and challenging. Many students, particularly in year 12 feel under pressure at this time of year. This can lead to anxiety and distress and we have found in many cases students are unable or don’t know how to manage this. These negative emotional feelings can lead students into the self-fulfilling idea that they are not able to cope, when in actual fact it’s more likely that their study/revision skills and time management are ineffectual.

    To support students we have designed a programme of study, delivered through our PSHE curriculum, which encourages students to master their study skills. In addition, many students have been allocated an academic coach so they can discuss and review their study behaviour and set weekly targets.

    In a recent evaluation, students have already reported that they are finding their coach extremely supportive.   

    A range of materials and log books have been designed to help students reflect carefully on their study behaviour.

    Critically reflecting on one’s own behaviour is becoming globally recognised by educational institutions and professional organisations as a vital component in improving a person’s competency levels.  The research strongly indicates that if students are aware of their thought processes i.e. their intentions, motivational starting point and attitude towards study; they are more likely to change the behaviour that pursues…!

    I have also uploaded exemplars of coaching style questions to help parents support their child at home. Coaching can be a powerful method of getting students to identify where their strengths are and consider how to work on their weaknesses.

    As always please do not hesitate to contact me or a member of the Sixth Form team should you need further support or guidance


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    Ms Emma Booth

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