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Student Leadership Team

 Head Boy: Joe Bancroft

Currently studying: A-Level Mathematics, Biology and Psychology.

Extra-Curricular Interests: Academic Mentoring in GCSE Mathematics, the Debating Society, playing football.

Future Plans: After completion of my A-Level studies, I am aiming to go to university to read Criminology. This is with an aspiration of working in the Police Force that has been of interest ever since I was a child. The college has and will continue to help me achieve this goal as it does with every other student.

The role of Head Boy has given myself a chance to make a change for the College and the local community. Not only has it given me this chance, it has given me the opportunity to further develop my skill set so that I can help lead the College in a positive direction. Standing and talking in assemblies has bettered my communication skills as well as my confidence and working along the school council has helped with my leadership and teamwork attributes. 

Head Girl: Amy Allsop

Currently Studying: A-Level Business Studies, Psychology and Mathematics.

Extra-Curricular Interests: The Debating Society, taking part in kick-boxing sessions and part-time employment at Clarks.

Future Plans: Accountancy; I am currently part of an intense application process for an apprenticeship in a well-known accountancy firm.

I saw the role of Head Girl as a great opportunity to develop my confidence and show other students that you shouldn’t be afraid of your voice being heard. I wanted to inspire those around me, whilst equally being motivated to create a comfortable and memorable environment for what can be an extremely stressful final year for Year 13 students. The student representative aspect of this role is extremely important and I saw this as an chance to improve my critical thinking skills which will be really helpful with regards developing relative skills to my future career. I hope to act as a role model for students by showing them that you should grab opportunities with both hands and not let them pass you by.

Head Boy: Daniel Muddimer

Currently studying: A-Level History, English Literature, and Psychology.

Extra-Curricular interests: The Debating Society, of which I have ran two sessions. I am very interested in increasing participation to this and would like to open up for students of all years to run debating sessions. Reading books, and working at Beaumanor Hall.

Future Plans: After King Edward, I would like to go to university to read History. I find Modern History the most intriguing, and have a particular passion in political history, studying the Miners’ Strike of 1984/5 for my Extended Project Qualification.

I put myself forward to be Head Boy, as I want to build an extensive enrichment programme, including debating societies, mentoring, and an extended enrichment week to make students more competitive in the working world. I want to promote the College, integrating it more into the local community.

Deputy Head Girl: Jade Jordan

Currently studying: A-Level History, English Literature and Psychology.

Extra-Curricular Interests: Reading (in particular books relating to the history of the USSR), writing, the Debating Society, the Think Tank, and completing an Extended Project Qualification.

Future Plans: Study History at university and eventually pursuing a career in this field, such as becoming a history teacher or lecturer. I would like to become a lecturer in Russian history as the Russian Revolution is my favourite period in time to study.

I applied for this position as I wished to make a difference within the College, as I believe that if you are going to complain about something without trying to change it, you’re wasting your time. I think that representation of students is important, and alongside this my main aim was in fact to provide ways in which the College can be furtherly united. In order to achieve this, I aim to create mentoring programmes that will both enhance learning and close the gaps between years.

The Role of the Senior Prefect:

Scarlett – Year 13: “I applied for this role as I am endeavouring to help the Sixth Form grow and be a good role model for Key Stage 4.”

Jordan – Year 13: “This role is enabling me to represent the student voice. I am passionate about questioning and feel that this position will help me to develop the skill of representation; something that will greatly benefit me in my aspiration to become a lawyer.”

Lauren – Year 12: “This role is giving me the opportunity to develop my confidence further; providing me with the chance to speak to speak with local dignitaries.”

Alex – Year 12: “Being a Senior Prefect is allowing me to be a part of a leadership team that is moving the College forward – I particularly enjoy speaking with new prospective students and visitors.” 

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