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    Modern Foreign Languages

    GCSE French Year 10 

    All Year 10 French students have received their login details from their French teacher and should go and see them if they have issues logging in.


    What is ActiveLearn?

    Vocabulary lists:
    Module 1 – Qui suis-je? – Theme: Identity and Culture
    Unité 1 – A comme amitié 1
    A comme amitié 2
    Unité 2 – C’est de famille! 1
    C’est de famille! 2
    Unité 4 – Quelle soirée!
    Unité 5 – Il était une fois…
    Module 2 – Le temps des loisirs – Theme: Identity and Culture
    Ma vie d’internaute 1
    Unité 3 – La lecture
    Unité 5 – Zoom sur le cinéma
    Module 3  – Jours ordinaires, jours de fête  – Theme: Identity and Culture
        C’est bientôt dimanche? 2 C’est bientôt dimanche? 3
    Regarde ce que je mange! 2
    Unité 3 – On peut se tutoyer?
    Unité 4 – Félicitations!
    Félicitations! 2
    Unité 5 – C’est la fête!
    C’est la fête! 2
    Module 4  – De la ville à la campagne  – Theme: Local area, holiday and travel
    Unité 1 – Ma région est top!
    Ma région est top! 2 Ma région est top! 3 Ma région est top! 4
    Ville de rêve ou ville de cauchemar? 2
    C’est pour un renseignement… 2
    Unité 4 – Il fera beau demain?
    Il fera beau demain? 2
    Unité 5 – En pleine action!
    En pleine action! 2





    GCSE French Speaking booklet Modules 1 to 4

    Revise your French using the internet

    GCSE French Year 11

    All of these websites will help you revise what you need for the Listening and Reading exams. Excellent website provided by the BBC, organized by skill (eg Reading or Listening) and then by topic Edexcel French GCSE Past Papers A Surrey secondary school’s website with games and listening activities. Try the interactive quizzes. French GCSE revision practice available after 4pm for free Watch French TV French: grammar, topics and vocabulary practice A diverse collection of pages for French language learners, from bilingual stories and nursery rhymes to word lists and tongue twisters This is a superb site to practise French pronunciation! You can hear all the sounds of the French language and there are very good exercises to practise. The presentation is fun and it's very easy to navigate. A must for French learners! Search millions of study sets or create your own. Improve your grades by studying with flashcards, games and more

    Link to Modern Foreign Languages revision website

    1. Year 11 revision french
    2. GCSE Revision_foundation structures