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    Year 10 Maths Revision

    Foundation booklet

    Higher revision

    Year 11 Maths Revision
    • The Maths blog has many videos and worksheets on to complete.
    • Follow @MAKErevision on Twitter and Instagram for daily questions. Comment your answers and get help to many revision questions. 
    • Use of the Diagnostic Questions app or website. Your child has been set exam style questions to complete on the app. They will need their log in details to access the questions. 
    • Attend Maths Cafe during lunch time for any help. 
    • The best way to revise maths is to do maths, so it is important that the students are completing questions as revision. The above resources contain questions for students to complete.

    Every lunchtime students are welcome to join the Maths teachers in the Maths Plaza for revision help, specific catch-up work or just general support.