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Committed To


    College Aims

    King Edward VII Science and Sport College promotes lifelong learning and high achievement by working with students from 14 to 19 years of age to enable them to:

    • Maximise their academic, social and personal development.
    • Develop enquiring minds and a sense of curiosity.
    • Develop attitudes and values together with skills and knowledge.
    • Work independently and collaboratively.
    • Carry out self review and set targets.
    • Develop high self-esteem ‘respecting themselves’ others and the environment.
    • Extend themselves in mind, body and spirit.
    • Be flexible and adaptable for the modern world.

    At King Edward VII College we believe that these aims will be met by:

    • Demonstrating at all times that the education of all students is of equal value.
    • Supporting the Academy policies with regard to Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural education, Equal Opportunities, Special Educational Needs and challenging prejudice and discrimination in all its forms.
    • Providing a secure, supportive and purposeful, challenging, stimulating learning environment.
    • Providing a broad and balanced curriculum which is accessible to all.
    • Providing opportunities for all students to experience success in a variety of ways.
    • Encouraging learning partnerships between school, home and the community.
    • Providing a rich varied and up to date range of resources/learning environments which are modern, relevant and fitting to meet the needs of the 21st century.
    • Providing an enriched programme of extra curricular activities and visits.
    • Providing a programme of vocational guidance and work experience for all students.
    • Encouraging innovative teaching and an investigative approach to learning.
    • The use of explicit criteria, shared and agreed between teachers and students, using a range of assessment techniques.
    • Collaboration with other institutions to ensure proper progression and continuity in the educational experience of our students.
    • Ensuring the smooth transition of students to work and to institutions of Further and Higher Education.
    • Seeking to respond to the needs of the community through the provision of a full range of educational, leisure and social activities.
    • Providing opportunities for all staff to enhance their professional development in support of their careers and aims of the college by offering relevant development and training.
    • Striving for improvement in all we do, incorporating the principles of The Art of Brilliance.