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    Cleaning Vacancy

    We have a vacancy for a cleaner to ensure that a high level of cleanliness is maintained throughout the College on a daily basis.


    HOURS:  3.15 – 5.45pm Monday to Friday – 12.5 hours total.  Term-time plus 3 weeks holiday hours




    1.    To carry out cleaning duties as required including sweeping, dusting, wall washing, toilet cleaning, mopping and use of vacuum cleaners.

    2.    Use electrical and mechanical equipment, floor polishers, etc. when necessary and after appropriate training.

    3.    Use stepladders when necessary and with due regard to the Health & Safety of themselves or others.

    4.    Use approved cleaning materials in accordance with manufacturers printed instructions and COSHH Regulations. (Chemicals should NEVER be mixed with other chemicals).

    5.    To be responsible for the care of all cleaning equipment and materials assigned to them.

    6.    Where practicable ensure windows and doors are closed and locked when leaving rooms.

    7.    Report to the Premise Officer any defects seen, likely to effect security i.e. broken windows, window catches.

    8.    To be aware of their responsibilities for the Health & Safety of themselves and others.

    9.    Wear protective clothing provided, additionally shoes which are suitable for the work being carried out must be worn e.g. slippers and flip flops are not acceptable as they may create a Health & Safely risk.

    10. The successful applicant must be physically able to carry out the duties around a large site with a lot of stairs.

    11. Code of Practice on English Language Requirements:
    As a public sector employee, the successful candidate will have the ability to speak English with confidence and accuracy and able to understand verbal or written instructions.


    Application forms are available on our website (non-teaching staff) or please telephone 01530 834925 to request a paper copy.